March 1, 2011

(From the dispatch desk of Park Row squibber & city room toff, Mac Jasper)Mac Jasper

Listen to the broadcast here: Veg BBQ I

“Vegetarian options are on the downslide in New York City, as severely as the many shanks for the carnivore are now everywhere advertised. Open most local Brooklyn papers, and see the ads for Texas BBQ, or Arkansas BBQ, with microbrews and locally sourced cow hocks and sustainable duck fat. Retrofitted menus from the beefsteak days, as if marketing to the intelligentsia, who are ravenous for pulled pork and loaves of knuckle. Is it a backlash against the preponderance of 1990s-propelled vegetarian options? The veg options on these menus are typically of dense pallor, gratuitous nods to some kind of cultural egalitarianism which must coincide with political acts of economic responsibility. A non-meatmuncher is best served at a place like Hill Country, on 26th btwn Broadway and Sixth, which declaims any veg options, tho the sides of mac and cheese, Texas caviar (black-eyed peas), and rich slaw are plentiful and pleasing to system of palate and gut.”

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2 Responses to “Veg BBQ I”

  1.   Prof. George said:

    Have you eaten at Hill Country? I used to live in the Texas Hill Country, although I am not a vegetarian. This sounds really good, though.

  2.   Campus Whits said:

    Yes – and the sides are amazing for the vegetarian who isn’t daunted by adjacent sprawls of ribs…

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